Friday, November 9, 2018

Halloween, wrestling, piano

JT has not had a challenging wrestling season this year. This kid has pinned every opponent in less than 30 seconds...My baby boy is getting bigger and tougher every day.
Avery got her bottom braces off at her last appointment and should get the top ones off at her next one..cross her fingers..She also is doing volleyball and is a setter and spiker. She is doing really well!
Halloween was fun this year. JT was himself...He had a wrestling tournament and knew he would cave and eat all the yummy foods and candy, so he stayed home from Nana's party. Avery was a unicorn, Evanna was Jack Skelington, Alyvia was a giraffe, Avonlea was Elsa and Titus decided to change his outfit a few ended up trick or treating as optimus prime. It was a fun night. Avonlea told me I needed to paint my face for Halloween. So i did. Jonathan had football practice and was late..(as usual) so he didn't dress up.
Life has been good. The kids are doing good and are healthy. Avery, Evanna and Alyvia had their piano recital last night. I will try and upload videos. 
 Just a little brother wishing he were a little bigger so he could wrestle.
 When you go to tuck your kids in bed and find your son who has a wrestling meet in the morning and regrets eating everything in site because he is over weight....Sweaters, coats, blankets
 Just a boy who took 1st place at the show low tournament.
 Elsa (aka: Avonlea)
 These babies love each other!
 Elsa+messy living room=Halloween
 "UH, need to paint your face!" -Avonlea.....So I did..

 Close up
 Halloween lumber jack that rubbed his beard off.
 Cutest giraffe ever! Lyvi...
 My unicorn....Avery

 Gotta love Jack! Evanna looks Ah-May-Zing!

 Flex those muscles buddy! lol

 My trick or treaters+ Brook

 My Halloween JT who knew he was too close to weight to
Titus, Evanna, Lyvi eating donuts.

 Don't smile..really, don't..
 Cousins are fun!
 Cute-ish..more scary cute!
 Love my hubs!

 My family..Jon taking the picture.
 Titus was not feeling good and needed to snuggle mom. He got over it like a champ though.
 JT and Titus. Making cookies at Aunt Jennifers.
 Evanna making her cookie at Aunt Jennifers.
 Avery eating her cookie...
 Avonlea decorating her cookie.
 Alyvia decoration hers.
 Sometimes life actually slows down and a big brother reads to his little brother. Melt a Mama's heart.

 Jonathan and I built our farmhouse table and benches...Finally it is all finished!!!

 My husband sent me flowers for national redhead
 Bottom braces are off!
 JT in the middle leading the redskin jacks! He is getting big. Last year in middle schoool...
 Just a baby boy growing up too fast...
Just a Daddy snuggling his son.

Life is pretty grand in our books. We love each other and are so grateful to be a family!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Titus is 2!!!

This boy is so fun! He has us all wrapped around his little finger. I can't believe he is 2... Where did the time go?
Fun facts about Titus (moose, boose, mooser, skunk)
1.Is naked 98% of the time...He will scream for his clothes off
2. He is sooooo funny! He likes to make people laugh
3. He loves a bottle
4. He loves his Mom and Dad so much
5. He is starting to talk so much. His cutest most recent thing he says is "keeo bye" (mosquito bite)" and says "thank you" to anything you give cute!
6. He rarely screams...but when he does, he tightens up his whole body so much that he shakes and screams so loud that we now understand what it means when people say "it made their ears bleed"
7. He doesn't like to sleep with any blankets. He likes to be cold.
8. He wants to be with the big kids so bad
9. He loves his "anolee" (Avonlea)...They are best buds
10. He is not afraid of much...wild boy right here
11. He loves, I mean LOVES, PJ Masks and Lightning McQueen
12. Would be outside running, jumping, fighting (naked of course) all day if we would let him
13. Very mild tempered 98% of the time. The other 2% cover your ears!
14. Is pulling his clothes off right now.."mama, mama..dow...dow...(down)...pea..(please)
15. Pees and occasionally poops all over our house..(naked)
16. Loves, LOVES to pick anything off your skin...moles, scabs, anything...
17.Has the bluest eyes you've ever seen
18. Loves animals, Hates bugs...
19. Asks people if they "wa fi" (wanna fight)
20. Brings so much completion and joy to our lives. Life is more beautiful with him. What did we ever do without our moose?!
(pictures are from today, he would not hold still...these were the best I could do... Avonlea needed some pictures too...Cutest kids in the whole world...Now I need everyone else so I can do a photo shoot with them..They will hate it! lol)