Friday, September 14, 2018

Titus is 2!!!

This boy is so fun! He has us all wrapped around his little finger. I can't believe he is 2... Where did the time go?
Fun facts about Titus (moose, boose, mooser, skunk)
1.Is naked 98% of the time...He will scream for his clothes off
2. He is sooooo funny! He likes to make people laugh
3. He loves a bottle
4. He loves his Mom and Dad so much
5. He is starting to talk so much. His cutest most recent thing he says is "keeo bye" (mosquito bite)" and says "thank you" to anything you give cute!
6. He rarely screams...but when he does, he tightens up his whole body so much that he shakes and screams so loud that we now understand what it means when people say "it made their ears bleed"
7. He doesn't like to sleep with any blankets. He likes to be cold.
8. He wants to be with the big kids so bad
9. He loves his "anolee" (Avonlea)...They are best buds
10. He is not afraid of much...wild boy right here
11. He loves, I mean LOVES, PJ Masks and Lightning McQueen
12. Would be outside running, jumping, fighting (naked of course) all day if we would let him
13. Very mild tempered 98% of the time. The other 2% cover your ears!
14. Is pulling his clothes off right now.."mama, mama..dow...dow...(down)...pea..(please)
15. Pees and occasionally poops all over our house..(naked)
16. Loves, LOVES to pick anything off your skin...moles, scabs, anything...
17.Has the bluest eyes you've ever seen
18. Loves animals, Hates bugs...
19. Asks people if they "wa fi" (wanna fight)
20. Brings so much completion and joy to our lives. Life is more beautiful with him. What did we ever do without our moose?!
(pictures are from today, he would not hold still...these were the best I could do... Avonlea needed some pictures too...Cutest kids in the whole world...Now I need everyone else so I can do a photo shoot with them..They will hate it! lol)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

YES!!!!!!!!!!!   I do have the most Beautiful wife. Yes I do have the most amazing mother to my most amazing kids, yes I do have the best cook, Yes I am the luckiest man. This woman puts up with me time after time, I am so Grateful for her I feel like I will never be enough for what she does. I am coaching football again and this amazing woman is super mom. For reals, super mom. I don't know how to ever repay her but I do know that she has that sexy smile all while she is running all around for kids dropping them off at football, soccer, piano and school. Truly only coaches spouses will understand what she goes through. She doesn't get time for herself, she dose not get vacation days, time off especially during this time of year. At 19 I did not even understand how amazing of a woman I was getting. If I could Try to explain the feeling I feel when I see that smile I would say true JOY. I get over taken with that feeling that I have truly my own piece of heaven here on earth. I do wish I could write as well as she does but I cant so its not as fluent and its all over the place forgive me. I wish to only get across one point that point is That my Dear Rachel is truly amazing she is everything I didn't even know I wanted. I have to pretend I'm on amazon and getting called Terd Hole lol. My wife is a 10 in every category. I am BLESSED truly BLESSED as I sit here and smile looking at her knowing that I have the best wife, the best mother, the best lover and the best friend.  I will forever be grateful for her as well be with her forever. I Love you Rachel I always have I always will I love you more today then I did yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow! I can never thank you enough for EVERYTHING you do.   

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

March 2018...California trip with Rob and Nana

Life the last couple months

We have had so much going on lately! Its the end of the school year, so i thought i would post some pictures. We have had wrestling, Alyvia's spring music program, Avery and Evanna's piano recital, just cute life pics, Jon and me going to the diamond backs game for our anniversary, Avery's riot soccer.....I wish i had more pics from all these events. Mostly I have vidoes of all the older kids activities. I will try and figure out how to download videos. I promise I don't love them less..:) Life has been so good!