Monday, January 28, 2019

J.T. takes 5th at state!!

This last weekend, J.T. went with the wrestling team to State. He was the only one from our school to make it to the finals. And they randomly draw a weight class to go first, so it's not always lightest to heaviest. J.T. wrestles 111lbs...The number that they drew to start with was was THE LAST match of the night. But, he wrestled hard in the finals for 5th or 6th place. Aaaaaaannnnnd....He won! He got 5th. Although he felt like he got 1st. Those were his words. I have never seen my son wrestle with more heart. He wrestled those club wrestlers like a beast. The kids that he lost to were both from clubs. One kid..the one that took first, actually goes to a wrestling school. Like, they made a school for these wrestlers. They say they do 3 hours of school and then wrestle for 4 hours. J.T. lost by points to that kid and that kid took first there. That kid pinned everyone he wrestled except the championship round for 1st and 2nd, where he teched the 2nd place kid. When J.T. wrestled him, the score was 9-5. That shows how well he wrestled! He beat kids with seconds to overtime...and straight pinned some easily. I have never been so proud. He has always been a great wrestler, but watching him this weekend, I saw a different side to my kid. It was amazing! He wanted to win and he stepped up!! Here are some pictures from this weekend. If I can get his videos uploaded, I will put them on here! And I don't have 1 picture of the girls. They stayed in the 5th wheel and played games the ENTIRE time! I Love them so much...

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas break 2018 and New Years 2019

Christmas was so much fun! We stayed home and did NOTHING! It was wonderful. We Did Jonathan's Family party early and my family's party wasn't until Christmas day-night. So we had time as a family and it was relaxing and enjoyable. We were super blessed this last year. And we do recognize where it comes from. We love Christmas and we love our Savior and what he has done for us. He truly is the greatest gift we could have received this year, and every year. This year we had someone do the 12 days of Christmas to us. They left a nativity piece every night. It was fun and brought the spirit of Christmas to our home. The kids loved it! Here are some Christmas Eve pictures and Christmas day pictures.

 The day after Christmas, it snowed! The kids had fun building a snowman and starting their igloo...:)

 New years was fun. We went to Matt and Jenn's and had dinner and games. It was fun. Then we stayed home and played games with our kids. Avonlea and Titus were asleep, but the older kids stayed awake and we played board games and it snowed again. So we got a picture of the older four outside in the snow for New Years.

 New Years day the kids went sledding at the Bastresses. They had fun, while Jon and I went on a date. We asked a kid to take a picture of us, and of course we are so of these days, we will get a good picture where we look

 Not so good at selfies
                                               We also went sledding with my family at the blue hills. It was super fun! I don't know if I got a picture of everyone, but it was fun!

 Just cute pics...