Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas is over?!

These are our Christmas pictures to our Christmas cards that I still haven't sent out...Ya...I know...! I am actually surprised that anyone is smiling in these pictures.... :)

Christmas this year was nice... Jonathan worked Christmas Eve and Christmas this year. It wasn't too bad though because he only had one train. So he was home all of Christmas Eve! (Which happens to be my favorite!) It was so nice to give our kids their pjs and then have them sit on the floor and listen while Jonathan reads why we truely have Christmas... My kids were sitting in front of their daddy and listening so intently I just had to take some pictures.

Yes, Christmas morning is fun and exciting and we did have a great one!
We really do have so much to be thankful for...I am sure we all do!
Jonathan and I always go through our year and we say the best things and worst things that happen. It ends up being something we usually end up laughing over. My answers: BEST: Moving into our little house so we can be out of debt soon! :) And of course the obvious...Having my whole family safe and healthy this year! Nothing beats that!
WORST: Not having our cement walkway done before Christmas.( I can't tell you how much dirt we track into the house not having them done) (but I can't be too sad, when they are done they will be beautiful I am sure... All stamped and stained.....Hopefully soon!)(see, I have so much to be thankful for if that is my worst this year!)
Jonathans answers: BEST: Healthy family, good job, actually achieving his goal of getting more fit and not getting me pregnant this year!(that one is a joke...sometimes he has crude humor...we LOVE kids and love being blessed with sweet babies...although four right now is good! :)
WORST: Hiring and Firing (I asked him why hiring....He said it's like having one or two families totally appreciate you and then having a hundred or so families hate you forever...(ya i guess I can see that side) He also did say hiring could be on the BEST too, because it's nice to get to choose who you work with.
And about the firing, It KILLED him to fire someone... Ya that was his worst! He says he will be more careful on the hiring part, so as to erase the latter part of firing! lol...
Pretty much we had a great year....All the bad in the world cannot erase how much good we had this year. I know where all the good comes from and I love my Savior. I love Christmas and I am sad that it is over...Hopefully we can keep the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving all year long!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Jonathan cleared off our computer and put all my pictures on mybook. I am too lazy to hook mybook up and too lazy to go get my SD card, so I will put our Christmas card pictures on later! (which by the way, did not turn out very well...picture four crying frusterated mom and one husband who hates pictures anyway...not matching clothes...a quick "lets take a picture") ya, not the best moment..but mostly thats our life!
I can't believe Christmas is in four days! Where has the time gone?! You know, Jonathan and I have tried something new this year...We decided not to do any Christmas shopping until the very end. The "very end" ended up being...THE VERY END!!!! We finally went yesterday! As in Monday the 20th! lol... But it is done! It was SO hard not to do any shopping... but, I am glad we did it. It made for a really fun day for Jon and me. Janell watched our kids ALL day and we took Alyvia and went shopping. One thing that makes it easier is we only do the three gifts... sometimes that is so hard, seeing all the fun things they would absolutely LOVE, but I am glad we do. I like having more meaning to Christmas and then we don't feel bad spending a little more to buy nice gifts that will last instead of just buying to buy. IN FACT my kids still have their gifts from last year...they play with them everyday!!
Well, this post was going to be our Christmas letter and pictures... but isn't ... Maybe someday in the next three months I guess! :) Any who, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!