Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These are our great kids. This was one of our Christmas pictures. I will try to put new pictures of all the kids on soon.
Our sweet J.T., our sweet Avery and our sweet Evanna

April has been so crazy...Jon's wreck, Our anniversary, the anniversary of my dads I could go on.
One thing kind of fun, we have planted grass in our backyard, which has yet shown any grass. :) Jon wanted to just do sod and I thought it would be fun to plant it...And I think he is killing it on purpose so he can just put sod down...oh well the kids had fun riding the four wheeler(to level the ground) and watering it(the dirt)... maybe in a couple days we will see something...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This picture is the day he got in his accident. A couple days later he got way worse!!! (black eyes and swollen shut)But this one shows where he got hurt!

Jons accident

Earlier this April Jonathan was in an accident. He is fine now and we are all so grateful! He fractured his sinus cavity and broke his nose, but thanks to the chiropractor (ouch) he looks great!
A few days after the accident when Jon was looking a little better, J.T. said "Daddy, you have two eyes open today?" It was pretty funny.
Except for a couple scars he is back to himself.