Thursday, November 11, 2010


This picture cracks me up! :)
Story behind it: J.T. rented Spy Kids 3 D. But, they don't give you glasses for it.... He was so sad and he cried and we told him sorry. THEN his daddy decided to get him these...(Flashlight Filters) AND they worked!!! He was so happy, but his little arms did get tired from holding them up. He looks so funny to me, but I am glad his dad is smart enough to figure things out...Richardson Rigg....It works on everything from cars to 3D

I really did have one of the funniest best days the other day! From seeing J.T. wearing those to just having a good day.... So I decided to put up a couple pictures of my good day. There really wasn't anything that special, just one of those days where you are in slow motion and can enjoy every little thing....I Love my husband for making great days that I remember!