Monday, March 29, 2010

My Avery

I have a thousand pictures of my Avery! She will pose and smile until I get what I little model. I chose these pictures, not because they are good, but because they represent her. She is sweet, wild, funny, loving, determined, smart and beautiful.
As you can tell in this picture, she HATES her hair being done. And her hair is curly, so it is always CRAZY! Very rarely does she want me to do her hair. And when she does, she wants it straight?! Why??? It is starting already.
Jonathan straightened her hair for her one day about a year and a half ago, and this girl is very determined! Nothing will change her mind. I lover her adventerous side. She is so dang fun. She can wear high heels and dresses, but can also hang with the boys. I love her!

This picture is so offset and was just one of those quick shots that I am glad I didn't miss. She is my dancer!!! She loves to sing and dance to her own music.
A funny story about that....Walmart...all of us....(crazy I know, but we all shop together) I have J.T. and Avery in my cart and I am getting groceries. Avery is singing SOOO very loud..."I am a Child of God"...people smiling (how can I tell her to quit singing that?) Ok, so she is singing and she then stops. J.T. all the sudden yells super loud...."YOU'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!" Avery then screams with excitement and clasps her hands over her mouth. (and this happens over and over and over and...) People keep looking, laughing and following us, to hear the audition of Avery!!! It was a little embarassing but so cute. (we obviously watch too much of American Idol)
Anyway, she loves life. I hope she always has something to sing and dance about!

This picture is one of my favorites. She loves to dress up and have "princess parties". She is normally in a dress with wild hair. She LOVES to be outside(as do all of them) She loves riding bikes, playing in the "dark forest" of our side yard, loves riding the four wheeler....anything to go outside. She is a fun girl.

This is of Ave just getting ready for bed. I love getting them all ready for bed. I have some of my favorite journal moments at that time. Avery loves me to sing "her" lullaby to her at least twice, and normally begs me to "snuggle her". I will lay by her and she will tell me "mommy, you are my biggest sunshine!" Every night, I tell all of my kids that they are my sunshine. Avery loves that. She also LOVES, LOVES..."snuggles"...(toys in bed) She will line them up... she probably has about twenty toys lined up around her, by her feet and by her head. I have many pictures with her asleep with all her "snuggles"!
I love Avery! We all love Avery! She makes people laugh. She loves to help with Lyvi...LOVES it. She is so sweet. I learn new things and love new things about her everyday, as I do with all my children. It is sad when they get a little bigger, but fun too. I can't look at her face and not smile. I can't look at her face and not wish I could see her every moment in life.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I LOVE my husband

I am so terrible at blogging! I wish I would have gotten on sooner... then I could have read Jonathan's note earlier. I have a wonderful husband. I really do. He makes me feel loved. I know people hate reading "mushy" stuff... but I am going to return my husbands note with ten things i love about him.. (you can stop reading now if you hate things like this)

1. I love your dimples (those holes in your face make me want to kiss you over and over)
2. I love how funny you are. (you make me laugh you promised)
3. I love your competiveness (you never give up... the only thing i can beat you in is bets.)
4. I love your work hands (there is nothing me...than a man with soft hands...I love, love, love your hands and all that they the next number
5. I love how hard working you are (you are a true hero.. you take care of our don't have a uniform or any don't get acknowleged for what you do. But you do the most important thing in this world. You created a family and you keep us together. You provide for us in every aspect you can ask, money, clothes, and most important, love.
6. I love your laugh and your jokes (although not always rated E)...(for Everyone...if you don't know what E is)
7. I love your handsom face (you get more handsom everday to me...I could stare at you forever)
8. I love your ability to not worry ( I am a worry freak! You balance me out well. You keep me sane...hey, because of me, our children are alive with minimum injuries...and because of you they love life.)
9. I love your body (you are athletic and strong...I love when you hold me tight. You make me feel safe..You are dead SEXY babe!!)
10. I love that you made me a wife and mother...and everything I am. You are everything i have ever dreamed of and more. You started out for me as the handsom, muscles guy in school. You then...changed...You started becoming the man you were supposed to be. You started making really good decisions and started realizing what was important. You are a really good man. I loved you when we were "kids" (we're still young but I would like to think mature) but I love you so much more now. You have really grown up and you are amazing. Any woman would be lucky to have you. I am so glad you picked me. I am glad we have forever. A promise is a promise....A Celestial Love...It doesn't get better than this (you know what I am talking about)
One more thing...I love how shy you can get. I know you are going to want to kill me for posting this. But too bad...I will shout it to the world...I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LOVE!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

hey babe you fell asleep putting the kids to sleep and your blogg was up. so I just thought I could embarass you. i havent written you a note in a while. I have so much love and appreciation for you but so little space so here is the top ten. but believe me there are way more. 1. I love your smile. 2. i Love how smart you are and not some bimbo. 3. I love your hair 4. I love your alarm system when I work nights and i get home and hear stuff sliding behind the door or the tipped chair in the hall way. 5. I love your competitiveness how i have won 1 bet out of 100's you think i would learn. 6. I love your crazyness how fun you are no matter where we go. 7. I love your spirit how strong it is I know I am lucky to have such a precious daughter of god. 8. I love the joy you bring into our home. 9. I love your jokes and your pranks. 10. I love your eyes and the pureness in them. now these are in no paticular order i could go on forever like I love your tattoo and what you do to me at church. And some probably cant be put on here. I Dont deserve you. I just want you to know I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LOVE!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I hardley ever post anything new... I(or we) I should say, are pretty busy living life. I did however get a new camera and have been busy taking picures of my kids... some of these pictures i try and take nice and some i like just every day snapshots. I figured I would post some.
I just figured I would start with Evanna. She is our third sweet baby. She is a funny girl and is getting very opinionated! She recently had to get two of her front teeth pulled out...(i was so sad about that!) She is our wild one and figured out how to get INTO the crib... she got in and was jumping...tripped...hit the side and chipped two teeth! Our dentist capped the one that needed it, but it soon fell off. He then recommended to send her to the Vally, as he doesn't sedate kids, and she was too young to sit still. We went to the Vally and they said the roots were bothered and it was better to take them out. We said what will they fill them with? They said... nothing...!? WHAT??? Her back mollers are not in, so they can't fill them until they are. WE were sad, but now just ADORE her little smile!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Evanna. She was sitting on our bench putting her dress up shoe back on. She loves playing dress up and absolutely loves being outside! This picture represents her well. I probably should have cropped it. But i love it just the way it is. there is just something about this picture... At least to me!

This one just describes her little attitude. She is talking so well. And with all that talking comes some sassin'! She recently has been bossing everyone! "Daddy Alice!" " J.T. Alice!" ... Apparently we call Avery... "Avery Alice" A little too much. So, Evanna thinks that is what you call someone when they are...hate to say it...bad. (Poor Ave) So if she is mad at you she will say "Mommy Alice!" It is quite funny. Especially since J.T. gets quite upset being called a girl name! She certainly is funny!

She LOVES dress up! She will find these and wear them all day! She is a daddy's girl through and through. She is with him constantly. He likes her a little
I figured I would just switch things up a little and put the third one first for once. We really love her as we love all of our kids. Each one brings and adds so much to our family. They are good kids and we wouldn't trade them for the world!