Monday, May 9, 2016

It's a boy! And they say he measured with the due date they had...September 16....I thought maybe beginning of October but September works! Jon and Avonlea and I went over to find out. It was pretty obvious it was a boy. :) everyone is so excited. J.T. fell on the flook when we had them open the pizza that had a b on it. :) all the girls are excited and Jon is SOOOOOOO excited! Life is pretty good. Book ends is what we'll have!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In 2 days we get to find out what our new little peanut is! I am excited and nervous! I hope the baby is healthy and perfect.
I am so grateful to be able to be having this baby. Jon and I both feel like this is our last one. Which is exciting, thinking this is our family, and also so very sad to me. Not because I want a million kids, or even that I want any more kids, but I realize this stage is almost over for us. A new chapter is starting. Which by the way, I am super excited about. But, oh how I will miss some of these things in this chapter. I will miss feeling the life moving inside of me... knowing there is a person counting on me. I will miss my husband rubbing my huge belly or laying his head on it and talking to our babies. I will miss watching my stomach look like an exorcism needs to happen. :) I actually will miss the terrifyingly wonderful moment when its time to meet our baby and knowing that jonathan is as excited and terrified as I am. ..for different reasons probably. ... I will miss those baby stretches and yawns. The baby smell. ..oh how I will miss the baby smell! I will miss the kids meeting their siblings and seeing bonds form that could melt my heart over and over. I will miss the moments of catching daddy asleep with the baby while supposed to be babysitting. :) I will miss the hippo teeth, the drunk from milk phase, the laughs and giggles of tiny voices, the moments I am sure life can't get any better while looking at my family that God blessed me with. I will miss the dressing themselves phase, the mobile vacuum they become, the pride even a baby feels in meeting milestones. The messy faces, the dirty hands and knees, nursing. ...I love nursing my babies! The bond with that is so strong if you take a moment to enjoy it!
There are so many moments I will miss. You see, most of my kids are out of this phase and it's true what they told me. ..I will miss it. So, even though things are busy, hard, tiresome and sometimes just plain stink. ..I will try a little harder to hold on to these moments. . . This last time. . . For a little longer.
I love every stage my children go through and will miss things from each. It is amazing and sad to see your children grow and do new things. . . Like. . . Start to care how they look, sing so loud, play outside with such imagination that I wish they could stay out til the sun comes back up, read books in bed even when lights were supposed to be out, seeing them sit together and talk like friends, even fight like enemies :), see them teach each other things like how to cast a spell with homemade harry potter wands, see them cheer each other on, watch them comfort each other when sad, see my children carry my babies around and take care of them with such love, seeing the love my babies have for their siblings, the tricks, the teasing, the messes, the fighting, the way they still want me to sing to them at night and want me to read to them.
You see, life is wonderful and I am oh so blessed. ..I will miss all of this. ..yet, I will enjoy all of this as well. ...:)