Sunday, September 19, 2010

My birthday and Alyivia's birthday!!!!

The night before my birthday, I got something in my eye, so I kept rubbing it and rubbing it. And I hadn't realized it, but, I had torn my contact by rubbing it. So, after I took it out, my eye was all red and looked hidious!(at least to me) So the next day, On my BIrthday, It was still red, and I was afraid that I scratched my eye, so I wore my glasses. (not my best looking birthday)
I went with My mom and Megan and Ashley out of town to eat and a movie. Mine and Ashleys birthdays are only a day apart, so we all went to PARTY! lol
When I got home that night, this is what I came home to! They had decorated the house and had cake and presents. It was so fun! I love my good family! So. here is a picture of me being "surprised" at my suprise party! :)

This picture is of my little decorators and me! My decorating husband was taking the picture!

Then we had miss Lyvi's birthday! My baby is ONE! We got her ears pierced a couple days after!

The new addition to our family is "Puzzle" Our new Shih Tzu puppy. Lyvi and Puzzle are best friends. And why do you think they are? Because they eat together!:(
I will find my baby eating dog food ALL THE TIME! It is discusting. Jonathan thinks it is soooo funny. He says she could be eating worse things. Probably true, but on the other hand, I have to nurse little doggy breath! :(

Here she is, the little dog food eater. Jonathan is planting grass and building a fence for our front yard. (which looks amazing!)He says he will take her out while he waters it, and this is what I come to find. Her and puzzle eating together I need to lighten this picture, but I figured my last post was a month ago, so I better just put them on!

This is my Lyvi on her actual birthday! This is her eating her VERY cute cake!(bigger picture on the bottom!)
She had a great day! We let her "dig" in her cake before we cut it, and she wouldn't really do it. She was a little scared to get her hands dirty and didn't know she was supposed to eat it. So her daddy put her fingers in her mouth, which made her cry! She didn't know what it was and it terrified her to have it forced in her mouth!

This is all of us on her birthday! My big little family!

My sweet Alyvia with her first ever "ponytail". I figured since it was her birthday we would try to put her little teeny hairs in a pony tail! :)

This is her cake! It turned out so cute! I absolutely LOVE it. It says Happy 1st BEE day Alyvia!
I wanted her to have a Bee cake so bad and I love it! It had Chocolate cake with banana cream pudding inbetween the layers! I don't know why she was afraid to eat it! lol
We have had sooooo much cake these last months! First, we had Avery's Ice Cream cakes, They turned out cute and each person got one to decorate their own, those were fun! Then we had a Sonic cake for J.T. and then we had the Treasure Chest cake and the Barbie cake. Then a chocolate cake for me and now a Bumble Bee cake for our little "doo". We are definitely full of cake! We need a break from cake! lol...Poor Vannie wants her birthday to come soooo bad! She wants a Minnie and Mickey cake for her's! So when it comes, I will post a picture! Meantime, Evanna says "My birthday is soo soo soo soon!" Poor kid...