Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jonathan's birthday is tomorrow!! We don't have any fun plans because he has to work. BUMMER!! Hopefully the train doesn't come in... Well we can hope!
We decided to leave our kids with Jon's mom so we could go for a ride... It was fun until a car didn't see us and decided to pull out! Good thing the road was big enough!! Any way, we are alive and we had fun! Linda didn't though... I guess Evanna cried the whole time!! Sorry Linda!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here are some pictures from roosevelt!!

Grandpa and J.T. (best buds)
Avery, Grandpa and J.T. (after fishing)

Jon paintballing

Evanna sunburned

Grandma helping Avery eat spaghetti

All of us who did the "hike"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yeah so there is totally a couple blades of grass poking through!! Yeah not enough to keep it going though...Jon is determined to get sod, and hey, immediate grass...I can totally handle that.
I love irrigation! Jon is helping his parents and my kids love playing in the water and it keeps them busy for hours!

A little bit about us
Evanna will be six months on the fifteenth and she is sitting up and doing push ups! She is trying to crawl or scoot forward but just ends up going backwards which makes her so mad! She is also so in love with her daddy! She will just stare at him until he will look at her, then she will grin so wide with her huge dimples, and if she is sitting up she will fall over from excitement. She is our joy!
Avery will be three in July and is so smart. She definitely gets her temperament from OK, not really. She also is so funny! Lately she is totally into dress-up. My mom saved some of our old dresses when we were kids and Avery has found them and wears them all day every day! She really is saving us money on buying her clothes! :) Although people probably think we are broke because she is wearing faded old dresses! Oh well she feels beautiful! And she is obsessed with dancing. She makes anyone she loves dance with her. Jon always says "i would love to dance with the princess," then he spins and twirls her in her old faded dress! There is nothing better! She makes us all smile.
J.T. will be four in july and is wise beyond his years. He is much more organized than anyone I know. He likes things clean and neat and in place. It takes us an hour to go anywhere because we are waiting on him to clean his room or make his bed.(Hey I can't complain) :) He is also the kindest child I know. He loves Evanna more than anyone and always wants to hold her hand. (I think they were best friends before they got here) He loves anything that has to do with learning. He is very smart. He also is such a boy...and Jonathan's favorite thing... He has an obsession with hats. He couldn't make his daddy any prouder. They stick together in our house full of girls!
I am so proud of my family. There is nothing better than this... I say that a lot and I mean it! I love being a wife to my husband and a mother to our children.