Monday, May 14, 2012

Life is good! :)

I haven't posted in a while. It is hard when you have four kids and a life to make time to write the good stuff. It's easier to just put a little note on Facebook! :) I do love looking back at my blog and seeing stuff that I may have forgotten! So I am going to try to do better.
Life has been pretty good around here. My kids are healthy, besides the occasional cavity (boo)....We are going to be so busy in June that I almost don't want summer to come! Although half the craziness should be fun vacation! We are doing Lake Powell with my family, Roosevelt Lake with Jon's family and my husband is doing Scouts and Football Camp...... I love summer! Jon has been so busy getting his truck and boat ready...I have to admit..................... Boats are fun! We have had so many fun memories going to the lake. I am so glad Jon forced a boat on me! :) Red Neck Yacht club! :) It is getting warm and I am loving that Summer will be here! I am so excited to have my kids home all day with no dance, ballet, tumbling or wrestling!
Evanna had her ballet recital and looked so cute! We couldn't help smile ear to ear to watch her! She is so full of life and joy! She makes me proud every day! And she didn't even fall in her recital! :)
J.T. got first place at the last wrestling tournament! We couldn't be prouder... That little boy has his Daddy's strength for sure! He sure loves wrestling, even though it makes me so nervous to watch him!!!!
Avery has performed with her dance class several times and is so cute to watch! She actually has coordination! And can I tell you that girl should be a track star! She was running the other day and Jonathan's and my jaw dropped open..... She has great form and can jump higher than anyone I know! 
Alyvia just makes us laugh everyday! She was so proud when she learned how to flip the bird (no one taught her, she just realized she can hold fingers down..) She makes everyone laugh! Although she is so sensitive that when people laugh at something funny she did, she cries because she thinks people are laughing at her... :)
Can I say how much I love my family?! I have moments where I actually step back and look instead of plow through, and lately I see how great my life is. Jonathan and I recently had our Anniversary. I cannot say how much I love my husband. I am sure every couple feels like every other marriage fails in comparison...I am sure just like everyone else that mine is the best. I never feel alone being married and loved by my best friend. I am so grateful for the last 9 years. Some days have been hard, some harder and most wonderful! Jonathan has never once made me feel less important than anything or anyone. He has never once fought back with me (I have tried to get that man to fight! Come on look at my hair.....Fighting runs in my blood :)) All the strengths I have ever lacked, I have found in him... Most days I am blinded by the craziness of life and I don't see or just don't stop to acknowledge what a good husband I have.....I hope I always stop at least every once in a while to see my life for what it is.....
My kids are smart, happy, fun, wild, needy, independant and amazing. I cannot believe that four little people depend on me! I am so glad my Father in heaven sent me good ones so far! :) It is not hard to love those little tiny persons! They are my world. I learn something new everyday from them. They are making me a better person. I hope I am doing the same for them!
Life is good right now.... :)