Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ok, so I never thought my children would absolutely *LOVE* Bob Marley... They know his songs, they know how he died and they know his son Ziggy Marley.
J.T. was the first to convert..."What kind of music is this? I Love it!" "Please can we listen to Bob Marley?" "My favorite music is Reggae!"
And he will sing to everyone..."I need an ammar an ammar an ammor to ammor dem down, I need a runuh a runuh a runuh to run dem down" (the correct lyrics are I need a hammer to hammer them down and a runner to run them down)
He is so dang cute singing it! I need to record him doing it!
Avery was next to convert..."I wanna marry Bob Marley"
me: "You can't Avee, He is dead"\
Avee: "He is alive in heaven"
me: "Yes, but you need to marry someone who is alive here on Earth."
Avee: "No one is as handsom as Bob Marley, I want to marry him!"
me: "Well, I am sorry he died Ave"
Avee:"Well...uh...how did he die?"
me: "I don't know, we will look it up when we get home."
Avee: "Ok" then grumbling quietly "No one is as handsom or sings
as good as he does. I AM going to marry Bob Marley!"
Ya, no lies, my almost five year old wants and is determined to marry Bob Marley!
You know, I actually like Reggae music, but I never thought my kids would latch on to it like that. Now on our trips, that is what we listen to the WHOLE way!!
Even Evanna sings it...
Jonathan thinks it is hillarious. He has J.T. sing it to everyone we know. And he tells Ave "You know Ave, If he were alive I bet you could marry him, You are definitley pretty enough to marry him!" (That makes her happy as can be)
You know life has thrown us a few surprises, and Bob Marley is one of them...lol
If any of you haven't ever listened to gool ol' Bob, give it a whirl!!!