Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas and New Years!

We didn't get a picture of Lyvi on Christmas Eve in her PJ's because she and I fell asleep while "Santa" put together a Kitchen for Evanna! I tried to stay awake but after an hour and forty five It was in a million pieces - Poor "Santa"! But, I did get a cute picture with Jonathan playing on the floor with Lyvi Christmas day!

Here is Avery, J.T. and Evanna on Christmas Eve! (Don't mind the date) :) The excitement of a child is priceless!

We did have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas day! We were so blessed this year and are so greateful for our Savior's birth!
It is definitely fun to have kids old enough to understand why we have Christmas, instead of "Santa, Santa, Santa!"

AND... We had a great NEW YEAR! Even though Jonathan and I were asked to put on the Stake New Year's Dance! It was crazy these last few weeks! We were in charge of decorations, refreshments and party favors. Thank heaven's for Megan and Larry! They helped decorate! And when Jonathan and Larry had to go to work, Megan stood by me and helped keep the dance running. We had fun! Even though they worked, Jon ran into town and helped clean up. I didn't get a dance but I did get a New Years kiss!
They told us only about 100 to 200 people to plan on coming, but about three hundred or so showed up! At first only a few showed up and Megan and I started getting worried, but after about thirty minutes, the party was on! I think we made more frappe then anyone in history! Oh well it was fun and I really appreciate my mom watching the kids!!!