Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Albuquerque Zoo was a Blast!!!

We went to the zoo in Albuquerque and had so much fun! We got to ride a train (not that cool for jon) lol... but we rode it to the aquarium and the gardens! These are some pics of the fun time we had and some of our kids favorite animals! J.T.'s favorite was the Cockatoo that is clawing the cage. It talked to us so much and J.T. was floored! He has wanted a parrot or a bird to talk to forever! Avery's favorite was the Zebras! She had such a blast! She was ahead of everyone the WHOLE time. She was practically running to see the animals. Evanna's favorite animal was the Koala bear. She loved seeing it in the tree. She also love the seals that we only got video of. She loved being Lacey's buddy! She held her hand and walked by her the whole time! Alyvia's favorite was the Polar bears and the Giraffes. She definitely did not like the seals. She would SCREAM when they would swim toward the glass at us. She would run and scream! It was kind of funny and kind of sad.
They all loved the train ride and the aquarium! It was so fun to go with my sister Lacey and her baby Amrielle! I would totally recommend going!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jonathan gets BAD DAD AWARD! :)

I help with a play here in town. I had practice on Monday. I asked Jon to make sure to get Avery to dance on time....4:45.....That he did, that he did....
I get back from the play around 5:40... Jon was at his parents working on his new/old truck :) I go looking and find all my kids except Avery. I go in the garage and ask him where she is. His eyes get big and says "What time was I supposed to pick her up?" "5:15!" I say. I run out the door as fast as I can....I am calling her teacher while driving and I get up the street and I see Avery walking....:( I stop the car. She had no coat on and her arms and face were red and freezing. She walked like a mile...I grabbed her and held her and said over and over how sorry I was. She just kept saying "my eyes are only wet because it's windy." I asked her why she didn't just tell her teacher I wasn't there and she said that her teacher was busy and so she walked.
She was so sad but wouldn't cry. I felt like BAD BAD MOTHER AWARD...And I wanted to PUNT my husband! I am so so proud of my daughter who knew which way to go and made it safely home. I am so glad we walk as a family a lot so she knew the roads a little bit. She did say "I almost went down one road but it didn't look right so I kept going"
Some parents probably think that is so stupid of me to worry, but when my Kindergartner is walking all the way across town by herself without a coat during winter, it makes my heart hurt. Those are the moments I am grateful I prayed for my kids to be safe and protected that day!