Friday, August 20, 2010

My School Kids?!

This is J.T. on his first day of Kindergarten. He was nervous and excited. He didn't want to go at
first... I on the other hand, CRIED all night before he I was so sad but so excited as well. So, we all got up early and got ready and headed off to take J.T. to school. When I brought him into his classroom, his teacher was so kind and "excited" to see him..(which helped him a little) When I told him I had to go, he looked at me with the whitest and most sad/terrified face I have ever seen...THE LOOK...The look that said "You are leaving me alone, how could you?" But, I just told him I loved him and I would peek through the went home with GIRLS?! :) I was a little sad, but... drum roll... No tears at all! I did keep checking the clock every five minutes!!
When we picked him up, I asked him how his day was and he did a little jump and said "I loved it!!" "I love school so much!" So school was a success! He still loves his teacher and looks forward to school every day!
I love this little boy sooooo much! He is so dang smart. He has recently made a friend named Kaiden. So all is well with my J.T.!

(his nervous little face before school!)

(What Avery and Evanna were doing while J.T. was gone) Ya, at least all the paint is now gone. Jonathan about freaked out when he walked in and saw!

Ok, So J.T. goes to school... Well Avery cries all day, saying she wants to go to school too. I tell her no and surprisingly she says, "Don't you want me to be smart?"
I say yes
She says, "Then I need to go to school!" Well she bugged Jonathan and me all day. ALL DAY! So Jonathan says that she is five and we should send her too and see how it goes. I freak out a little and can't decide. So JOnathan goes and registers her "just in case". Well, I realized how shallow I am, because the main reason that I didn't want her to go was because she didn't have any school clothes....Ya I know! We didn't do a lot for J.T., (it is only kindergarten) But, we let him pick out a couple shirts and let him pick what he wanted to wear for the first day and tried to make it fun for him. So, I run to the store and get her an outfit until I can actually go shopping somewhere nice.
At this point I am crazy in the head. So many "what ifthis and what if that's" I asked everyone and everyone's sister if I should send her, send her to pre-school, homeschool her like I did J.T. last year, let her go to half day kindergarten both years... I am seriously surprised I did not wake up the next morning with wrinkles and grey hair. I figure if that wont do it to me, nothing will...:)
Well, we tell her no, then we tell her yes, then no....So J.T. goes to school agian and I talk to his teacher and she says we should try it! It is only half day she says and we can always pull her out. SHe makes me feel 100% better and like it's ok if she goes. It was an answer to many many prayres and blessing from my wonderful husband! So, I run her home dress her up, do her hair, snap some pictures and we run her to school.. Only 5 minutes she LOVES it as well!
We don't know what we are going to do later or even next month. We will let her go until she does poorly or until the Lord says otherwise. I am so thankful for prayre and for my husbands priesthood!
Jonathan and I did walk away from taking BOTH of them and only leaving with two, a little dumbfounded on what to do with only two kids! lol
I love that my kids love school! And we are getting into the swing of things. We went from homeschooling J.T. again because he is ahead and didn't want him to be bored, to sending him to school, to sending two to school. It has been crazy and exciting!
AND, I do appreciate all the good advise, but in the end I realized I was asking everyone but my intuition and my Heavenly Father. So we ended up just doing what is best for us and not what everyone thought we should do. And it is good!!!! :)

This is Avery with her teacher!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party and life

ok, so I still don't know how to use my blog. I wrote first then added pictures... So it is all off. Oh well.. The writing is all at the bottom!
Lyvi after dumping her plate on her head a couple times. She finally has gotten to the point that she cries to eat with us and she wants her own plate.

J.T. and Avery earning their got on a kick last night and washed base boards and walls and my sweet kids don't know to hate doing that yet!!! They were the biggest help!

Evanna today! lol... she was so ready to go swimming! Too bad it stormed so we couldn't go.:(

The vinal Jody printed off for me for J.T.'s room! I am just starting to decorate his room and he wants pirates... This is the start...more pictures when it is done. Thanks Jody!

This is Lyvi at J.T.'s and Avery's party... She snoozed through most of it!

Jon's family at the party!

Some of the kids. Taytum, J.T., Evanna, Avery, Rylee and Connor.

Jacob and his kids Katelyn(?) and Adam were able to come! It was good to see them! Too bad Stephanie and their baby Melanie couldn't come!

Avery and Rylee. Ave LOVES her cousins!

J.T. and his friend Jace. Thanks for the present!

Janell playing with the kids! They LOVE aunt Nelly!

I actually am in a picture! lol... I am almost always taking the pictures! I think I am in like was there and it was fun!

I don't know why but I am LOVING my blog lately! I normally don't get on very often, but lately I have so many good things in my life. And i know I am probably the only one who LOVES my blog, and that's ok, because I am who I do it for!!!:)

First this month my Avery turned FIVE!!! That made me so sad, onlt because when Jonathan tucked her in the night before, he said to her..."Ave, tonight will be the last night EVER that you will be four years old!" That made me so sad to think that seriously never again would this baby of mine be four... I cried and cried and wrote like ten pages in my Jonathan probably wished he hadn't said that, because he had to deal with the after math! I am not an emotional person, but sometimes I even scare myself! lol

Then, we had J.T.'s Birhday! He turned six, and he will be starting school! Now that breaks my heart! Jonathan and I went back and fourth about Homeschooling him or real School and we prayed and prayed and finally had J.T. kneel down with us and we all prayed and we felt ok about letting him go to kindergarten. So here we go!!! Some parents are so excited when their kids can go to school and some are not. I am inbetween somewhere. I love all the stages my kids get into, but I do miss the old ones. I LOVE babies! And mine are growing up too fast. I am not ready for my J.T. to be a school kid. I remember being a school kid!!!
On the up hand about them being a year older, we did have a great party!! I posted cakes on my last post. We went to Chucky Cheese and friends and family came ane it was great not to have to clean up after a party! I posted a lot of pictures! They all had fun...And thank you to everyone who came and it was good to see you all! And thanks to Jody for letting us stay with you and thanks for the vinal for J.T.'s room. It looks awsome!
Lyvi can now WALK! She is everywhere. She has been taking steps for about a month...But now is completely mobile! She is EVERYWHERE! I love this cute stage. She just turned eleven months and is basically running! We seem to have early walkers. Evanna was running at ten months. So at least we held off a month! lol
Football started so life is pretty busy... this may be my last post for a is starting...

CAKE, CAKE and more CAKE!!!

J.T. and Avery had a birthday recently!! Six and five! Where has the time gone? Lacey my sister made J.T. the most awsome Sonic cake my kids and I have ever seen!!! J.T. LOVED it!

And I made the Ice cream cake for Avery's birthday. Not as technical as the Sonic BUT, Avery LOVED it!!!

Then, not on their actual birthdays, we had a super fun party at Chucky Cheese!!! It really was a lot of fun!! These are the cakes that Jonathan and I made. We stayed up until TWO in the morning trying to get them to look good. PIRATES TREASURE CHEST- decorated by Jon! He did a great job. I guess he figured since I started them so late I would need a little help, and he did, and it looked GREAT!

Then we have BARBIE CAKE! This one was not as simple and easy as it looked. I had never done one of these before and if I were to do it again I would totally find room to FREEZE it before decorating and frosting it! But I think they turned out super cute and J.T. and Avery were so happy with them!!! We definitely had a LOT of cake this month!!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Someone HELP me! I cannot get a template to work... I am so freakin confused. My bakcground got deleated somehow...It just was gone...then I couldn't put a new one on until I changed my template... and this is all I can find...
If anyone is an ounce smarter than I am, PLEASE help me!!!