Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is Avery at the California Adventure parade! She got to give one of the "Incredible" dancers a high five!

This is J.T. and his favorite "cousin Connor" at the parade watching his absolute favorite... Buzz Lightyear!

We were lucky enough to get our picture with Woody from Toy Story... My kids were a little scared at first to stand by him but we eventually got a picture where most everyone was looking!

These were our Disneyland Richardson Reunion t-shirts. We all picked caracters we wanted to be and had them made before we went.

Jonathan and I couldn't decide... so J.T. and Avery picked for us. Their favorite movies have been Hercules and Robin Hood... And they decided Daddy and Mommy should be Hercules and Megara.

J.T. loves Buzz and so that is who he decided to be!

Avery recently saw Aladdin for the first time so of course she is Jasmine!

Evanna talks just like Boo off of Monsters Inc. so we didn't have a choice... She was definately Boo!

Last but not least Alyvia (Lyvi) still is so little and tiny that she was our little Minni!

We actually had our Reunion in Disnyland park! Who doesn't wanna do that? It was a blast and we loved seeing everyone who showed up! Although we were missing some people, everyone from John and Linda's family were there.