Thursday, November 6, 2008

We sure had a fun Halloween! Hope everyone else did too!!!
Ok, so Jon told me I totally look like a wax figure in the picture with just him and I... Let me know if you think I do. He says it looks like he is huggin' up on a statue at a wax museum. . . It does look funny (especially that I have a tan) lol

Family Halloween!Jonathan and I
J.T. (optimus prime)
Evanna (our little fairy pumpkin!)
Avery (Our snow white)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Something Funny...At least to me!

Ok, So I was watching Ashley's two youngest while she got her nails done... We were outside and I told Hayden and J.T. to go stomp on the ants that were on our sidewalk... Hayden looked at me and said " Rachel, those are Heavenly Fathers creatures, we do not step on them!" I said " I am so sorry, you are right, thank you for reminding me.".............................ONE MINUTE LATER........... J.T. and Hayden are stomping on ants.........(smile).........I say "You guys, what about Heavenly Fathers creatures?" ....................J.T. turns to me really fast and says " MOMMY, DON'T TELL JESUS......HE WILL BE SOOOO MAD!!"
Jonathan and I about peed our pants laughing! Kids say the funniest things!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I couldn't fit this picture with the rest, but this is part of the last post!!!

Daddy and Evanna at the game!
We had a great weekend at the fair and at the football game!!! Here are some pictures of Jonathan at the football game...

After we won! Jon up on top during the game!
Before the game! (J.T. went with Jon early
to warm up the boys!)
And here we have pictures of J.T. and Avery getting ready to put their bunny "bubbles" in the fair! Of course we needed a picture of them holding the bunny... And of "course" the only way to get him out is to climb in the cage and get him!!! After about ten minutes of fighting, bubbles gave in and let Avery push him and J.T. pull him out....... Poor rabbit....... Needless to say he enjoyed his time at the fair.
Our cute little rabbit won a blue ribbon (good thing nobody entered anything! lol) And our kids were so happy!!
After the rabbit finally gave in!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok, so tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!! And Jonathan took the day off...(well football is still in the picture)... but hey better than nothin' !
WE have been so busy putting our new floors in... And I love them! We decided to do the lamanent flooring.... It was supposed to be " easy".... Easier than what?! LOL... it is a good thing Jonathan is handy! I do love everything about them. And getting carpet out from under our table has been worth any amount spent!
Jon has been working like crazy lately... the trains keep rollin' in. So... I decided to do some work myself. :) Yeah I pulled all the carpet out of our kitchen, all the padding out and hammered all the tack things out...Pretty much I smelled like a man after I was done! But my husband was pretty impressed! (Not about the smell) :) I now appreciate all the work my husband does even more! ADVISE: Carpet is super heavy... risks include: Broken back, injuries from the tack nails, cursing, screaming, smelling like a sweaty man and death.... :) Don't say I didn't warn you!
That is pretty much all that is new in our house! If any one has any tips on how to get the dang floor to snap in better... let me know! We are almost done... I will post some pictures after it is all done!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok, so I am obsessed with taking pictures! And thanks to my favorite husband (smile) , I was able to put some of my favorites for everyone to see!
I know it sounds funny, but I really worked for like an hour or two to get pics on, and after I was about to throw the computer out the window, Jonathan helped and had them up in no time... You would think I could scan?!
Is any one as "not so smart" as I am? If you are, please let me know so that I don't feel so alone!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

__________OK_________ So it has been awhile... I can't believe it is already August!!! My kids are now Four...Three... and eight months! Time is flying.
I just wanted to let everyone know that we had a great twenty fourth! It was so fun to see our friends and families! We also had J.T. 's and Avery's birthday party on that Saturday! It was a blast. I will put picks on when I get them on the computer!
AND....the most important news of August....drum roll..........FOOTBALL!!! Jon is getting excited. We should have a pretty good team. Jonathan's first meeting was today... Oh boy... here we go. This is the season where we see the least of him. Well... at least at home.... If we want we can go to the field and find him!!! :) This is a fun time... Hopefully everyone will have time to come watch some games this year!
Is anyone excited but me?

Monday, July 7, 2008
J.T. and Avery will both have a birthday this month! They will be FOUR and THREE... HOLY COW... where has the time gone?
I hope these next four years go by a little slower.
Here is a picture of my monsters from today... and yes this was the best one!!

It's amazing how you can love someone so much it actually hurts...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

...Evanna Lee...
(chillin' in the stroller while we swim)

Avery on the jet ski with Janell (nelly) and Jaylen (jukey)

J.T. on the tube with all the kids!!!
Roosevelt this year was a blast! We had everyone together finally! We swam, ate, slept, ate, swam, ate and slept! :) Here are some pictures to remember!

Roosevelt Family Picture

Funny Family Picture

All the Richardson grandkids!
(Jacy, Tatum, Rylee holding Evanna, Conner holding Jake, J.T. and Avery!)

"Original" kids
(Jonathan, Justin, Jaylen, Jody, Janell and Jennifer)

Janell, J.T. and Evanna
(They were watching tv and really fell asleep! It was so cute.)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alright... I know I stink at blogging!! We have been super busy... We put sod in (ya I am pretty sure Jon killed the grass we planted on purpose) But we love the sod! It's been a week and a half and it's still alive: that's good right?
If anyone has put sod down and has any info on how to take good care of it... let me know please!!
We are headed to Roosevelt Lake for a week on Monday. Our kids are so excited! We shouldn't have told them until the day before because now they ask a million times a day "mommy are we going to the lake now?"........Oh to be a kid and have the magic......... We have been packing and i just know I am bound to forget something important. ( I usually do) Oh well as long as I have all three kids I feel like I am doing well. lol
Megan and Larry came to visit this last weekend and we had a lot of fun!! It sure is nice to have good friends. They came even though Jonathan was at football camp for most the time. AND... they brought us the cutest little bunny-- that is going to make me go nuts!! (smile) Our kids love it a little too much... Poor bunny...
Any way, thanks for staying with us! It was a blast!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jonathan's birthday is tomorrow!! We don't have any fun plans because he has to work. BUMMER!! Hopefully the train doesn't come in... Well we can hope!
We decided to leave our kids with Jon's mom so we could go for a ride... It was fun until a car didn't see us and decided to pull out! Good thing the road was big enough!! Any way, we are alive and we had fun! Linda didn't though... I guess Evanna cried the whole time!! Sorry Linda!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here are some pictures from roosevelt!!

Grandpa and J.T. (best buds)
Avery, Grandpa and J.T. (after fishing)

Jon paintballing

Evanna sunburned

Grandma helping Avery eat spaghetti

All of us who did the "hike"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yeah so there is totally a couple blades of grass poking through!! Yeah not enough to keep it going though...Jon is determined to get sod, and hey, immediate grass...I can totally handle that.
I love irrigation! Jon is helping his parents and my kids love playing in the water and it keeps them busy for hours!

A little bit about us
Evanna will be six months on the fifteenth and she is sitting up and doing push ups! She is trying to crawl or scoot forward but just ends up going backwards which makes her so mad! She is also so in love with her daddy! She will just stare at him until he will look at her, then she will grin so wide with her huge dimples, and if she is sitting up she will fall over from excitement. She is our joy!
Avery will be three in July and is so smart. She definitely gets her temperament from OK, not really. She also is so funny! Lately she is totally into dress-up. My mom saved some of our old dresses when we were kids and Avery has found them and wears them all day every day! She really is saving us money on buying her clothes! :) Although people probably think we are broke because she is wearing faded old dresses! Oh well she feels beautiful! And she is obsessed with dancing. She makes anyone she loves dance with her. Jon always says "i would love to dance with the princess," then he spins and twirls her in her old faded dress! There is nothing better! She makes us all smile.
J.T. will be four in july and is wise beyond his years. He is much more organized than anyone I know. He likes things clean and neat and in place. It takes us an hour to go anywhere because we are waiting on him to clean his room or make his bed.(Hey I can't complain) :) He is also the kindest child I know. He loves Evanna more than anyone and always wants to hold her hand. (I think they were best friends before they got here) He loves anything that has to do with learning. He is very smart. He also is such a boy...and Jonathan's favorite thing... He has an obsession with hats. He couldn't make his daddy any prouder. They stick together in our house full of girls!
I am so proud of my family. There is nothing better than this... I say that a lot and I mean it! I love being a wife to my husband and a mother to our children.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These are our great kids. This was one of our Christmas pictures. I will try to put new pictures of all the kids on soon.
Our sweet J.T., our sweet Avery and our sweet Evanna

April has been so crazy...Jon's wreck, Our anniversary, the anniversary of my dads I could go on.
One thing kind of fun, we have planted grass in our backyard, which has yet shown any grass. :) Jon wanted to just do sod and I thought it would be fun to plant it...And I think he is killing it on purpose so he can just put sod down...oh well the kids had fun riding the four wheeler(to level the ground) and watering it(the dirt)... maybe in a couple days we will see something...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This picture is the day he got in his accident. A couple days later he got way worse!!! (black eyes and swollen shut)But this one shows where he got hurt!

Jons accident

Earlier this April Jonathan was in an accident. He is fine now and we are all so grateful! He fractured his sinus cavity and broke his nose, but thanks to the chiropractor (ouch) he looks great!
A few days after the accident when Jon was looking a little better, J.T. said "Daddy, you have two eyes open today?" It was pretty funny.
Except for a couple scars he is back to himself.