Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today we cleaned up our yard and took loads of trash and wood to the dumps. All the kids helped and our yard looks so much better! I am so excited to have some grass this summer...since I will be super pregnant the whole summer!
 Yes, I am expecting again -our 6th baby-! We are really excited. I have not been to the Dr. Yet and won't until April 29...thats the earliest they could get me in...I will be approximately 18 weeks by then. :) should make for a speedy pregnancy.
I have felt really good this pregnancy! Best by far!! I was sick at first, but got a liquid B vitamin and it made all the difference! I am actually sad I did 5 pregnancies without it!
Jon has been busy working 2 jobs, kids are busy with school and Avonlea and I are busy taking care of the house while everyone is gone. :) It is crazy to think that all of my kiddos are in school! How sad! Alyvia in kindergarten, evanna in 2nd grade, avery in 4th and J.T. in 5th! Crazy, crazy, crazy! They are all doing so well in school and everything they are involved with...
JT- soccer, wrestling, football, basketball piano and spring wrestling
Avery- soccer,  ballet, piano and basketball
Evanna- soccer, ballet and piano
Alyvia- soccer ballet and piano
Busy, busy!
Jon is still coaching football, still works for midland and now is working another job with Rob at a hair place. We sure miss him when it's busy at both jobs!
JT missed his last wrestling tournament this year due to chicken pox... Evanna got them as well. . . good note, I was expecting it to be terrible, but they have acted totally normal, just have itchy spots! So in about 2 weeks we are expecting the others to get it since they didn't get it this round.
If I can think of anything else new, I will try to write it down!