Monday, May 10, 2010


My baby! She is eight months and man has the time flown by. She is sitting and scooting and laughing and just recently gets up on her hands and knees and can take a few... crawl steps?!
This baby absolutely loves life. She is happy almost all of the time. When she is not she will say "ma ma ma" or "dadada". She loves to be carried everywhere! I am surprised she is as mobile as she is, considering she is carted around either by Jon and I or her brother and sister. She gets her way usually because if I leave her down crying, Avery will pick her up and walk with her. She normally likes this, but as you can tell in the next picture, she sometimes gets mauled!
Everyone loves "miss lyv's" or "lyvi doo" Kisses and hugs, pokes and pats and occasional "bites" (Evanna has learned she cannot do that)... This baby is tough! She makes everyone smile. J.T. acts like her daddy and Avery acts like her mommy, and if Evanna could pick her up without dropping her, she would be her mommy too!
This picture represents life pretty well!

Here is Alyvia being carted around in the doll stroller... yes...this is happening... "wanna go for a ride Miss Lyv doo?" That is Miss Avery speaking.
She is a fun baby... I love to see my kids interacting with each other. Life as a mom is pretty good when all your children love each other. I would not trade a day of this wildly fun life Jonathan and I have created.

This picture just makes me smile to see. I have tons of "nice pictures" of this baby, because she cannot tell me no or run and hide! lol... I just love the everyday ordinary life pictures.
I love Alyvia. She has added another part of our family that we absolutely need. She is so happy, peaceful, bright, smiley and snugglie! She has all of us tied around her little finger.

I am greateful to be a mother. Sometimes it is hard and people stare or make the typical comments "are those all yours?" And I smile and say "yes sir they are"! It is not always roses, but hey, i get to kiss owies, play in the dirt, get wet slobbery kisses, be a "mommy princess", play nintendo, teach letters and sounds, dance my heart out, sing out loud, stop tears, feel chubby little hands and arms around my neck... I get to be everything I want to be. I am lucky that Heavenly Father choose me to raise his beautiful children... I absolutely Love The Life I Live!