Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Jon!

I love my husband so much. He is amazing! He does so much for our family, I I need to tell him more.
For this Father's Day, I had no idea what to get him... So, Michelle and Megan and I decided to take our husbands camping for Father's Day. We went out to Lyman lake and camped for Friday and Saturday. And you know what, it was actually kind of fun. (I don't think we will be doing it again anytime soon) lol... It was nice to get together as friends and the kids all had fun. I have pictures but I am so tired and so sunburned that I will have to put them on later.
I just want my good husband to know we love him and I am greateful that he is such a good dad. And the kids can't wait to see you when you get home from work...

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is my BEAUTIFUL sister Lacey! Her and Patrick Gatewood got married last Friday. I was lucky enough to get to take her pictures for her. I LOVE taking pictures! I have a million on my computer...I need a laptop...Or I just need to settle down?! LOL...I have taken some senior pictures and some baby and family pictures, and if I ever had an ounce of time, I would create a blog and put them on! But, life for us Richardson's is pretty busy! Busy with babies, kids, fixing up our yard, almost sinking at Lyman, football camp for Jonathan...this, that, and almost everything in between!
BUT, I love my sister and I loved taking pictures for her! So, here are some random pictures that were taken that night. I was soooooo lucky, the lighting was so great!! I need to go through the! LOL... I know, I am insane! You wonder why my kids run! Now you know!!! But, I wanted Lacey and Patrick to see some, so I pulled some random pictures and put them on so they can see them on their honey moon!! Love you guys and hope you like them!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


(a little late)
Jonathan wont let me take pictures of him... He absolutely hates it! Come to think of it, since I have gotten my new camera, everyone runs when I get it out! lol
So this picture is yesterday when Jon and the kids were out trying to fix Jay and Jody's boat for Roosevelt this year.
It is so sad that I have to sneak pictures! This is my old little camera, so he wouldn't see it! And this is as close as I could get before he could see But, this is Jonathan! And I LOVE him and am so greatful for him! Happy Birthday babe!!