Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I couldn't fit this picture with the rest, but this is part of the last post!!!

Daddy and Evanna at the game!
We had a great weekend at the fair and at the football game!!! Here are some pictures of Jonathan at the football game...

After we won! Jon up on top during the game!
Before the game! (J.T. went with Jon early
to warm up the boys!)
And here we have pictures of J.T. and Avery getting ready to put their bunny "bubbles" in the fair! Of course we needed a picture of them holding the bunny... And of "course" the only way to get him out is to climb in the cage and get him!!! After about ten minutes of fighting, bubbles gave in and let Avery push him and J.T. pull him out....... Poor rabbit....... Needless to say he enjoyed his time at the fair.
Our cute little rabbit won a blue ribbon (good thing nobody entered anything! lol) And our kids were so happy!!
After the rabbit finally gave in!