Friday, January 28, 2011

I am sick of my kids being SICK!!!

You know, the other day, I was talking to Jonathan and I happened to mention to him that we have been so lucky that no one has gotten sick in our family.....IMMEDIATE REGRET!!!!! I think like the next day Avery started coughing and then Evanna and then Alyvia....It has now been a few days and Lyvi is still sick right now...She wants me to hold her ALL day long...that is not a joke or me exaggerating...literlly ALL day... Luckily Avery and Evanna have been better with the coughing, although two nights in a row Avery had ear aches.... AHHH.....Thanks to some good ol' onion oil, she is better and healthy as can be....Evanna still has a runny nose but other than that is great! Lyvi on the other hand just breaks her Daddy's heart every time he sees her. Thank heavens it has only been a couple days, and today she ate well and drank well! So that is a good sign. She really does look quite pitiful....her sad tired little eyes... I HATE HAVING SICK KIDS
And, did I mention I am EXHAUSTED?! If not, I am so freaking tired... I have been up almost all night with one kid or another for the past three nights... Lucky for me, but unfortunate for Jonathan, he helps and so he is just as tired as me...Poor Jon...
I cannot wait to sleep in my bed, all night, with my husband, and without any kids waking up or getting in our bed!! Some parents are adamant about NO KIDS IN OUR BED! But after being up so much and being so DANG tired, I didn't give a hoot if all of them were in my bed, as long as I could get in a few minutes of sleep!(Thank heaven's for KING size
Enough complaining i suppose....I have so many good things that I should try to mention those I am thankful my kids RARELY get sick....between eating healthy and vitamin C we have lucked out quite a lot! I am thankful that my babies and kids have always slept through the night...I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a baby up all night! Poor sleep deprived mothers! I can handle a few nights I guess! I am thankful that my husband was home by the time they got sick! (He was gone the week before, work related, and we all missed him SO much!) Come to think of it, I think the four days he was gone was the longest we have ever been away from each other since being married! I know, LAME! lol... I don't know how people do it being away from each other! I can tell you something though, We would not have had as many children so quickly if Jonathan had a job where he was gone for long periods of time! So in essence I am grateful for his job and could not do it without him!
When I look at it that way I am SPOILED! I guess life isn't so bad after all.... :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


If you can top my day, well then heck, I wanna hear it!!!
The day started off good... church at nine and we were going to make it on time!
So, we pull up, I grab my church bag and Evanna and I get out of the car.... We are walking kind of fast because there was snow all over the ground..... I just happen to forget that my skirt has gotten too big for me..... Ya, you're thinking NO not that....But oh yeah, all the sudden in the middle of the parking lot....WHERE EVERONE CAN SEE..... my skirt hits the ground.... was I wearing a slip???? NOPE!!! I drop my child and my bag and pull my skirt up.... When I look up my "SWEET" husband is laughing so hard he has to bend over to catch his breath, then says "nice legs but next time can you show me in private?" SO FREAKIN HILLARIOUS JON!!!
Ya, why me? I didn't even look to see who was out there, I just ran inside.....
THEN: after church I go to get in the car and there are like three tampons sitting on my dash!! What the?! WHY ME? WHY ME? (It's not even my time of the where did they come from?....I have sweet kids...) :)
TO SAY THE LEAST, I AM HUMBLED.... completely humbled.......