Monday, February 20, 2017

I have to document that JT broke his arm going snowboarding the first time...:) he is ok and will miss about 3 weeks of wrestling (spring) he did well at state wrestling. We were so proud of him.
He doesn't love school like he usually does. Darn it. His teacher and his personality don't mix well I guess.  I am glad he has good friends to keep his spirits up.
Avery is playing basketball and is amazing at it! Seriously! She is aggressive and confident.  She amazes me! She loves school and has good friends. She also is playing piano and is amazing at that! She also is still Avonlea's little protector and spoiler.  Avonlea is lucky to have her avery.
Evanna is playing basketball, and rocks it! She shocks me with how aggressive and how willing she is to try. She needs to work on making baskets, but is doing really well! We are all impressed with her! She is doing paino as well and does great! That girl will hear a song and then go sit at the piano and just figure it out...amazing! She loves Titus so much. Her 2 teeth are finally starting to come in. She will look so different with mama teeth!
Alyvia isn't doing anything right now. Thank my lucky stars....;) she did piano for half the year with aunt jenn, but decided not to do it until jenn does it again after having her baby. Lyvi is so fun and bossy right now. She is so athletic. When she gets old enough to do sports, she will be amazing! She loves school, is so smart! She is still so scrawny and still looks so much like Nelly!
Avonlea (boogs) is still running the roost. She makes everyone do what she wants. Her voice is so cute. She talks so well. She loves tituth....:) it's just her and titus and me while kids are in school. We have our schedule...breakfast, masha, toys, laundry, pick up, lunch, baba (nap) play, get ready to get kids...thats her favorite part. She loves the kids...Ave still is her little mama..Ave....I need ave...she wants to go everywhere with her. Her heart breaks when ave won't play with her or she is gone. She got 4 top teeth fixed, her hair is starting to grow and her favorite thing to say is "no way"....yep, that's our avonlea...
Titus if 5 months and getting big! Rolls everywhere, laughs and smiles constantly, rarely cries, babbles and squeals all the time, nurses, plays with toys, loves baths, loves being tickled and eaten, lost most his hair...:)
Jon is working like a mad man..2 jobs. I miss that man so much! I am so grateful for the time we get together. He does so much for us.
I am just being mom...:)

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