Monday, February 20, 2017

Well, he is here! Has been for 5 months...:) Titus LV Richardson was born on September 14, 2016 weighing in at 8lbs 10oz and was 22 inches long.
He was (is) so cute! Like adorable cute! It was so fun to meet him. What I remember most about his birth is that  Jon and I were the only ones there. My mom didn't come because she was teaching seminary. I loved it just being us. It was so nice to spend time together with our last baby. It was a peaceful experience I am glad we got to have. I remember going in twice..yup, that's right, first induction didn't work...second one finally did since they were able to break my water. I did get an epidural, which made everything smooth and peaceful. Jon and I passed the time by playing candy crush and talking. I walked a lot.. (halls, stairs...ran some...:)) I was so anxious to meet my son. When it was time to push, I didn't push hard with the first contraction, because I was afraid of pooping...seems silly now. I even told Dr. Coss that and my nurses.. I told them I would push hard the next contraction, and he came quickly. He was amazing. I prayed he would be able to handle the enduction, and both times they endured me, his heart rate never droped once..he was strong. I knew he would be.
His hair was dark and he had a lot of it! His cheeks were chubby and he was beautiful. I fell in love with the baby that completed us. He made me whole.
He has been the best nursery ever. It never hurt to nurse him like the others. He was so calm and so relaxed, that while my milk wasn't in, I basically had to force him to wake up and nurse. My other babies tried sucking the life out of me trying to get milk. Titus, no, he just was content. Then my milk came in and he nursed great. It was awesome!
He was and is the happiest baby ever. I am pretty sure I have held him for 5 months straight...:)
He is rolling everywhere, wants to grab everything, and loves to scream (happy squeals) and babble. He loves baths, toys and being held and nursed... I couldn't ask for a better baby.
And did I mention that he is freaking cute? Like so so so cute! I could squeeze that chubby baby forever. I love the way he looks at me like I am the greatest ever!
The kids all love him...even....especially Avonlea. They all are so glad to have a brother.
Life really doesn't get better than this....

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