Monday, March 20, 2017


Well, J.T. got his cast off. His arm seems like it's healing pretty well. He and Ave are doing track. Ave is doing high jump and J.T. is doing the relay..that is all I know they are doing right now.
We just had spring break. Jon was working, so we didn't do anything too fun. I did take the girls to see beauty and the beast while Jon watched J.T., Avonlea and Titus. It was fun to spend time with them without the babies.
Ave got her gums cut so the dentist could put a bracket on them and pull them down. she has a couple stitches on each tooth. but she is doing good.
Evanna's mommy teeth are starting to come in from where she knocked her baby teeth out. :)
Alyvia has only lost 2 teeth so far. She does have one that is loose right now...:)
Avonlea is talking more everyday and is a hot mess is so fun and sweet. I just videoed her singing the Moana song while the kids are at school. It was sooooo cute!
Titus is 6 months...What?! Where the heck did the time go? No teeth...Can sit up relatively well by himself (he just can't stop himself if he falls)...Screams and squeals a lot...rolls both ways...trys to dig his feet in the floor to move, but doesn't go anywhere too far that way...chews on EVERYTHING...still so content. He is the best baby I could ask for. I hold him probably 90% of the time....:) I cant stop myself. He still nurses like a champ and has only ever tasted a bottle of formula...(Long and the beast...Jon thought he was supposed to go home...I thought he was going to watch them in show low while i was in the movie....Titus had a bottle of formula....) He probably is old enough to eat some stuff, but he is so content, I will wait until he is super ready.
We got fake grass...we are trying to get our yard nice, it is looking so much better! I cant wait to have no mud for summer! (I guess i cant say no mud, but close to no mud...:))
Well, that's pretty much it...Our life in a nutshell...

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